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What is my dental practice worth today?

Hill Kindy has become known as the authoritative source for appraising Ontario dental practices. We draw on nearly four decades of experience working exclusively in this highly specialized field. Hill Kindy remains one of the only practice appraisal firms that follow the preferred business valuation methodologies used by Canada’s financial, banking and accounting industries. The result?

  • Greater Accuracy
  • Higher Level of Detail
  • Increased Confidence
  • Enhanced Insights
  • Better Decisions
  • Informed Pricing

Getting a reliable, independent third-party evaluation from a firm with an in-depth understanding the Ontario dental market will better support you in:

  • Selling a Practice
  • Succession, Estate, & Retirement Planning
  • Matrimonial Requirements
  • Incorporation Requirements
  • Partnership Planning

Value Estimates: A simplified appraisal. Value Estimates are an economical alternative for those who are simply looking for a ballpark figure around the worth of a practice, and don’t require the level of detail involved in a full-scale appraisal. Value Estimates can be a useful preliminary tool for tax planning and retirement planning.

 Don’t Leave Money On The Table. Hill Kindy always recommends that you get a confidential appraisal before any discussions with associates or others on a potential sale. Knowing the true value will prevent you from short-changing yourself or making decisions based on emotion. Getting the right appraisal today will impact your decisions well beyond tomorrow

What are your goals for the future? What kind of retirement do you envision? By starting with an appraisal, Hill Kindy can determine if your timing is right and if a sale will meet your needs and expectations.

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