Trusted Appraisals

Determining the fair market value of your dental practice should be completed before you make or consider any major changes to your practice.  In addition to the obvious, an accurate appraisal will provide you with a baseline, which can be used for planning purposes or even for measuring the results of making operational changes to the business.  There are many reasons to have your practice appraised, and these would include:

  • Preparation for a dental practice sale
  • Succession, estate and retirement planning
  • Matrimonial requirements
  • Incorporation requirements
  • Partnership planning
  • And more – just ask!

Our appraisals are based on generally accepted business valuation principles that are understood and supported by all major financial institutions and accountants.  We have been told that our appraisals are favoured by a variety of accountants, lenders and dentists.

We will update your dental practice appraisal at no charge, as many times as required, as long as we are part of the listing and selling process.  After preparing your appraisal and discussing your transition options, you may choose to defer the sale of your practice.  We will help you monitor your preparedness, and when ready, we will update your appraisal and proceed with executing your strategy.

Hill Kindy also recognizes that an appraisal may be all that you want. We understand that you may want to sell your dental practice privately.  We are happy to assist in that process by making sure that you know what your practice is really worth, so that you can transact a fair deal.  Furthermore, we are always ready to step in and provide whatever assistance you may come to realize that you need.

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