Transition Planning

Transition planning – for a bright future.

What does life look when you decide to sell? You don’t necessarily need to hang up your tools and bid farewell to the practice you’ve worked so hard to build – though that is certainly an option. Surprisingly, many dentists have not explored the full range of options and scenarios – and are unaware of the exciting opportunities open to them.

Hill Kindy works closely with you and your team of personal advisors (eg. your accountant or financial planner) to set goals and objectives, and determine the best way to achieve them. We will provide you with transition strategies and consultation services that can help you ease out of your dental practice with confidence.

Trusted Appraisals:  Our comprehensive appraisal process leaves no stone unturned and allows us to provide an accurate picture of the true value of your practice.

Retirement Planning: By properly planning and executing a well-defined transition strategy, you will be able to meet your retirement objectives – while minimizing stress and tax implications.

Many operational enhancements and tax re-structing exercises can take up to 2 years to mature in order to see the benefit.  Don’t wait until you are ready to sell to start the transition planning process otherwise you will likely find yourself leaving some money on the table. 

Ready to start developing your ideal transition plan?  Let’s begin by taking a look at the numbers and designing a strategy that will be best suited for your individual practice and personal objectives.  Give us a call at 866-853-5344 or email

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