Transition Planning

It seems a good number of dentists spend more time researching potential equipment purchases than they do their transition options. Many clients approach us with a limited sense of the possibilities surrounding the sale of their dental practice and transition into retirement. Our dream-centered strategy ensures that our clients take the time to seriously think about what their ideal transition would be. In many cases, their preconceived scenarios do not match with their actual possibilities – for most of our clients, their options are actually much greater than their perceptions!

Planning any sort of transition, big or small, requires careful consideration. When the transition requires the selling of a dental practice, it can take even more planning and organization, much of which can appear overwhelming to any dental practice owner. That’s why we’re here. We will provide you with transition options and consultation services that can help you transition out of your dental practice with confidence.

Since moving into retirement often includes some important financial considerations, we encourage you to involve all of your advisors in the process of appraising and selling your dental practice. A properly planned transition should include discussions not only with your brokerage, but also with your accountant, financial planner, and any other important advisors. We do our very best to ensure that all of our clients have these discussions and that their advisors are part of the planning process.

If you do not have appropriate professionals to provide advice, we can refer you to ones with proven experience and expertise in the dental industry. By properly planning and executing a refined transition strategy, you will be able to meet your objectives without the complications of unnecessary income taxes and an unhappy retirement experience. Instead, you will be able to enter retirement with confidence and comfort.