Private Listing Services

We are pleased to be able to offer our clients a unique service we call “Private Listings.”  Our Private Listing service is an additional layer of privacy and confidentiality which extends beyond staff and patients, to the dental community at large.

A private listing is not found on our website.  We market private listings directly to a select group of dentists who have provided us with very specific information about the type and location of the dental practice that would be ideal for them.  We further screen these interested parties so that we have a very complete understanding of their practice preferences, and a good insight into their personality types.  We approach the appropriate pre-screened candidates one at a time, starting with the most suitable matches, and give them a very limited time to respond.  Experience has indicated that select potential purchasers are prepared to pay good premiums for having the opportunity to present an offer in a private forum.  By pre-screening these sophisticated buyers we are more likely to find you a purchaser that fits your definition of a “perfect fit.”

Currently, about 80% of our sales are for clients who request we keep the sale of their practice private.  These practices are never made known to the general public and are essentially sold in a very quick manner.