Dental Practice Sales

You’ve poured your heart and soul into building your dental practice.  You’ve established a large and extremely loyal patient base.  You have a strong, personal connection to the staff – and to the practice you’ve led for all these years. But now you are in a position to start exploring a sale of your business. 

Put our expertise to work for you. As your broker, Hill Kindy provides the professional guidance, confidence and support you and your practice deserve. We offer full service brokerage, valuation and consulting services to help you get maximum value from the transition and sale of your dental practice without all the stress. Perhaps more importantly, we are determined to you the get maximum value from the sale, while finding a buyer who is the right fit for your staff and patients.

Ontario’s most exclusive private listing network. Often times, the sale of a dental practice requires candor and discretion – due to the sensitivities involved.  Nearly 80% of our clients choose Hill Kindy because they wish to sell their practices privately. They value our ability to maintain the highest level of confidentiality, and provide direct access to knowledgeable buyers through our notable network.  Your listing is presented directly to select dentists who have identified a desire to purchase a practice just like yours. Private buyers are pre-screened to ensure a synergetic fit with your practice structure, your goals and objectives.

A robust listing service. Some dentists prefer to market the dental practice purchase opportunity to widest possible audience. Hill Kindy’s listing service is one of the first places Canadian Dentists turn when searching for an opportunity to buy an established practice. We keep everything as confidential and discreet as possible. We can complement our  listing service with sales strategies such as a virtual 3D tour, scheduled showings, direct mailers, website and email marketing. Whatever it takes. 

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Advantages of working with a brokerage firm. Selling a dental practice is a complex undertaking. Deals that are conducted directly between buyer and seller have a greater propensity to fall apart than those involving the services of a broker. As your broker, we find the right buyers by asking the right questions. We work on your behalf to meet your goals and maximize your selling price. Our experience allows us to expertly negotiate around sticking points that can needlessly derail a profitable deal for both parties. In negotiations involving an associate, we work to keep business relationships healthy.

* to avoid any conflict of interest, it is our policy not to represent both the vendor and the purchaser in any one transaction.

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A successful sale starts with the right appraisal. 

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