Dental Practice Sales

Looking to sell a dental practice?

For most of our clients, listing and selling their dental practice will be the primary reason they seek our help.  It is also the facet of our business that consumes the majority of our time and energy.  We know how stressful and seemingly complicated the process can be, as well as the kind of doubts, uncertainties and questions you will likely have both before and during the process.  Our principle objective is to facilitate your dental practice’s sale in exactly the way you would want it to be executed, with no stress or uncertainty.

When it comes to listing and marketing your practice, you will have a number of options.  We always use the marketing strategy that our clients prefer, be that the open house approach, the normal website & email marketing, or our private listings method.  Once you understand the nature of each approach, the decision will ultimately be yours.

We know that many of you care about the type of person who buys your dental practice.  You feel a responsibility to ensure that when you sell your dental practice, it is left in the hands of a new owner who will provide patients with the same level of service you have provided over the years.  We also know that you want a successor who will continue to treat your staff fairly and with the same respect as you have.  Therefore, we take our time to find the right buyer to suit your desires.

Selling your dental practice is a very personal and private occurrence, and our process will support that.  Where personal goodwill is involved, particularly in smaller and closed communities, privacy and confidentiality is extremely important. We rigorously support that position and are happy to share our Privacy and Confidentiality Policies with any potential client or customer.

To avoid any conflict of interest, it is our policy not to represent both the vendor and the purchaser in any one transaction.